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Chung Rhy Specialty Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd. (CRP Specialty Paper) manufacturing plant is located in the center of Taiwan surrounded by mountain and rivers. We are a team of young vibrant professionals passionately working to become Asia's top specialty paper manufacturer. We understand the closeness between paper and our daily life, for that reason we devote ourselves to develop new products and services to meet the needs of this changing market.We supply diversified range of paper products. Since our establishment in 1968, we have produced over 2000 kinds of papers for customers across various industries ranging from cosmetics to constructional, mainly are fine papers and technical papers for industrial use .In the field of fine papers, we have produced more than 500 colors with diversified textures. Our product designs change in-line with fashion, seasons and market demands. In the field of technical paper, we utilizes synthetic fiber (wet-laid non-woven), wood and non-wood fibers fiber to fulfill the technical needs of our customers. We persist in providing our customers with innovative high-quality products, and endeavor to influence Asia's specialty paper market. So far, we have become a stable supplier of several world-famous companies. For sure, we will continue to make further effort to provide our customers products and services with superb quality, and to establish a first-class oriental brand. Preserve the traditional techniques of paper making and innovate for the futureWe were originated from a traditional handmade paper workshop, which was established in 1950's. It is our curiosity and the pursuit for change pushes us to become a leading modern specialty paper manufacturer. We believe that our past is a key factor in our success today, so to this date we still maintain a handmade paper workshop and a paper museum in ou r organization system, we wish to teach the community and our next generation about the history of paper making as well as showing the beauty of paper art. People are our key assets We hold boundless dreams, and only through the hard efforts of our people, that will realize our dreams. In order to further advance our papermaking and paper converting techniques, and to maintain the compatibility of CYP, we need talented people of different fields together to form a dedicated, active organization, in which members can take initiative, share information and knowledge, and learn from each other. Environment ResponsibilityProtecting the environment is our responsibility. We use ECF (elemental chlorine free) pulp, which avoid the release of harmful chlorine emissions to the environment. We had obtained ISO14001 Environment management system qualification.


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